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Eucalyptus + Spearmint

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A feeling of complete stress relief comes from this cool refreshing scent. Clean top notes of mint blend seamlessly with eucalyptus and musk for this classic spa-like combination.

Ceramic beads are all the convenience of a wax melt without the clean up of wax! They are beautiful, re-useable, and super user friendly. All ceramic beads come with a free 10ml bottle of fragrance to refresh the beads periodically. Recommended for use in a wax warmer, as the heat will help release the the fragrance. Recommend storage in bag or tin when not in use to help retain scent.

Choose from plain scented ceramic beads, or beads with added botanicals. Please message seller with 1-3 color preferences. Available: Calendula (yellow), Cornflower (blue), dried lavender buds (lavender), dried rose petals (dark pink), dried jasmine (white). 

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