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Loofah Soaps

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Exfoliate yourself with soap on a rope! Loofah slices embedded in a bar of great smelling soap are here to help! Keep these hung up in the shower and use a couple of times a week. Recommend only gentle pressure as loofah is naturally a rougher product. Not recommended for facial use. 

Choose from:

Milk + Honey: Soothing milk + homey fragrance with goats milk and honey based soaps combined

Mintalyptus: Goat's milk soap with peppermint, eucaylptus and spearmint essential oils

Lemongrass: Honey and glycerine soap with lemongrass, orange and litsea essential oils.

Grapefruit: Goat's milk and Shea butter soap in a super refreshing grapefruit scent.

Berries + Cream: Mango butter and jojoba oil soap in a sweet berry scent

Mahogany Teakwood: Hemp seed oil and glycerine soap in scented in the same scent as our beard oil.