How long should my candle burn the first time I use it? 

Initially we always suggest a 2-4 hour burn time. Why? Because that helps the candle's melt pool come closer to the outside of the vessel. The closer you can get to a full melt pool on the first burn, the less likely you will be to experience wax tunneling during the life of the candle. That being said, coconut wax blends often will have a small rim on the outside that can take a second or third burn to catch up with the full melt pool completely. This is totally normal so no worries!

How many hours at a time can I burn my wood wick candles?

We always suggest a 4 hour maximum time. Remember that wood wicks don't self trim so over time and as the wax moves further down the jar, the more heat gets trapped. This can result in somewhat larger flame sizes. Always keep an eye on your candle and extinguish the flame if you feel it's getting to large. Never leave your candles lit and unattended. Never light candles before going to sleep. We want you to enjoy the beautiful crackling flame in the evening to relax, but we sure don't want any tragedies!

How do I know when to trim my wood wick? What if my flame is too big or small?

After the first burn we would always recommend trimming your wood wick fairly low. Try to remove most of the burnt ashy part of the wick at a minimum. You can use wick trimmers or a large toenail clipper to trim evenly! If you find the flame to be too high, I always recommend blowing out the candle to let the wax cool, trim the wick a bit lower, and try again. If the wick seems super low give it a chance for a bit. If the flame isn't getting bigger, you can always tip your candle slightly to move a tiny bit of melted wax away from the wick. That should do it! You'll be a wood wick candle expert before you know it!

Are my room and linen sprays safe for use on all surfaces?

All ingredients in the room sprays are technically even skin safe, so they are not likely to damage your sheets or furniture. That being said it's always recommended to test a small inconspicuous area with the spray on any surface you may be concerned about first. In our testing these have not been an issue however always better safe than sorry! Be sure to do a little test first so you feel secure about your belongings.

How long will the ceramic fragrance beads last?

As with all scented items it totally depends on frequency and length of use. The more they are exposed to a heat source, the more they will release fragrance. We have found these will last quite a long time with intermittent use, and each order will come with a small refill of fragrance oil to help replenish them once the scent fades. This will give you a lot of use for months to come from this product!