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Chakra Dry Body Oil Sprays

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This dry body oil spray works especially well like most moisturizers do, just out of the shower! Just spray some dry oil into the palm of your hand to apply. Goes on with a drier feel than most lotions or oils, for those who prefer a less oily feel after application.

Each dry oil spray has a different type of moon charged crystal added! See descriptions below and choose your fave from the drop down menu! What kind of moon charged crystal energy speaks to you right now?

Illuminate- Contains moon charged Rutilated Quartz. Rutilated Quartz represents the solar plexus chakra. Known as an illuminator of the soul, promoting spiritual growth. historically representative of grounding, cleansing and energizing of the aura. Scented with a customer favorite, the "Beach Bum" fragrance.

Serenity-  Contains moon charged Amethyst. Amethyst represents the third eye chakra. Historically representative of cleansing, serenity, clarity and purification. Thought to alleviate stress, grief or anxiety. Holds properties of protection and opens your intuition. Scented in White Sage + Lavender.

Energize- Contains moon charged Carnelian. Carnelian represents the sacral chakra. Representative of joy, energy, warmth, and courage. as a stabilizing stone, it is thought to restore motivation and stimulate creativity. Useful for boosting vitality and overcoming anger. Scented in a holiday blend of Cranberry Orange and spices. 

Harmony- Contains Moon charged Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz represents the heart chakra. Historically representative of peace, calm, compassion, and unconditional love. Thought to be a stress releaser with properties of healing and increased circulation. Scented in a beautiful floral Yuzu Blossom.