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Premium Quality Conditioning Beard Oil

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We've reformulated our beard oil, but don't be sad! This version is even more skin and beard loving than ever before! Here's what going on your face!

Argan Oil, a skin loving, non-comedogenic oil. Argan is high in oleic and linoleic acids, great for all skin types. Apricot Oil, high in oleic acid, low comedogenic rating, great with combination and dry skin. Karanja Oil is an oil with great antibacterial and antiseptic properties, helpful in cleansing the hair and skin underneath. Jojoba oil is added to the mixture because it tends to mimic the skin's sebum, helping to regulate oil production, additionally working nicely with textured hair. Broccoli seed oil, great for skin with a low comedogenic rating, and a fatty acid profile that helps seal and soften the hair. Buckthorn and aloe extracts help soften the hair and soothe facial skin just that little bit extra! Fragrance oil or essential oil blends are available, adapting to your personal preferences! Choose your favorite from the drop down menu!

 Mahogany Teakwood