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All current options- Cold process soap

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Various small batches of cold process soap, made with hand selected oils and fragrances. Please select from the options in the drop down menu to see photos of the specific soap! Sample pack also available, see below. 

Cold Process Sample Pack- Samples of original Superphat coconut oil soap, a berry rose clay soap, walnut shell scrubby Beach Bum soap, and original CP recipe in Blue Raspberry.

Activated Charcoal + Tea Tree- Activated charcoal is added to this special oil blend with added tea tree, rosemary and lavender essential oils, and aloe.

Autumn Breeze- A soft earthy understated scent in autumn and Halloween colors

Burnt Sugar + Coconut- Superphat coconut oil soap in a yummy scent with added scrubby walnut shells for a bit of exfoliating texture!

Camo Soap on a rope- Camo in tobacco bay leaf!

Cedar + Lavender- A nice soft woodsy lavender scent with swirls!

Cranberry Orange- A festive and bright holiday scent!

Fig + Honey- Another fruity and sweet autumn and holiday scent. Smells amazing, a personal fave of ours!

Ice + Woods- A definite more "masculine" cologne type scent in the same fragrance as our Ice + Woods Cologne

Lavender Orange + Honey Soap- Local honey added to this classic CP soap recipe, scented with only lavender and orange essential oils, with added yellow and purple Brazilian clays and Aloe.

Packs of Pieces- What better way to try out our CP soaps than these cute little packs of our odds and ends?? Same amount, all packs contain between 5-6 oz of CP soap in various colors and fragrances! And at a discounted price!

Superphat!- 100% Coconut Oil Soap with Aloe, this contains a higher percentage of un-saponified coconut oil, a technique in soaping known as "super fatting". This process helps make this very cleansing soap non-drying as well! (fragranced options will be listed individually)

White Tea + Ginger- Classic CP soap recipe with aloe, added rose clay and kaolin clay 

Skol! and Lam-Beau!- CP soap in your favorite WI and MN team colors? Yes please! Either clean up for the game prep or wash away your sorrows! COMING after the cure- release on Nov 1st!